Gateways to the past and the future: Doors & Windows

Openings in walls created to enable the passage of things, many and varied things.

Openings in walls blocked to prevent the passage of things, many and varied things.

They amaze me.

Some are for people or animals to pass through, others for light to filter through, or perhaps to catch a breeze.

Camillians – they’rebarriers that shun or block outsiders or hold captive insiders, openings through which to greet and welcome … or eject …. shapes to be decorated or neglected …. their role can evolve over time, or fade away.

Many have a history, a single door might one day have been castle protector, later the entrance to a cathedral and then later again a barrier to freedom for prisoners held within. The Bastille from money storage to misery creation to dust.

There are monastery gates and doors that are now a canvas for graffiti.  A farm gate becomes a garden centrepiece – from a tool to a decoration – from practical purpose to artistic application. Each has a story.  To peer through you can often get a glimpse of history of stories (glory, gory and ordinary), not just the physical that lays beyond.

Others simply rust, rot and fall apart, or stand naked amongst the rubble that was once the wall that held them fast, that adorned them, that gave them purpose, that made them a door or a window or a gate.

I invite you to notice them as you pass by, they can be a treasure trove of visual pleasure, an ironic reflection of local events or history, a sad reflection of times past/or perhaps current times, a source of wonderment, thought provoking, maybe amusing.

Below is a selection of some photos I recently took of images that caught my eye.