Personal estate planning and business succession planning services


Personal Estate Planning

Person Estate Planning isn’t just about ensuring your wealth is passed on to the right people,  at the appropriate time and with as little tax as possible, it involves the management of many risks that may affect you while you are still alive.  Financial support of family, wealth accumulation, future realisation of assets and asset protection are issues that affect all of us.  Then there are the risks associated with of loss of capacity through accident, illness or the ageing process. A comprehensive estate plan may address all these issues.

Business Succession Planning

An exit plan is designed to achieve business, personal and financial goals.  Business Succession Planning  however is much more.  It involves the present and future management of your business risks, the preservation of your business wealth and planning your exit from the business so as to maximise the value of your equity and minimise tax payable




We promote education and have published a book, fact sheets, papers and presentations to assist you to understand all aspects of Personal Estate Planning and Business Succession.